I work according to the principles of the Dutch School, in which light, perspective, horizon and colors are elements of the Sealines series.

Born in Hoek van Holland, a coastal town at the sea, at the mouth of the Nieuwe Waterweg, also known as Rotterdam by the Sea, the North Sea is a source of inspiration.

I combine fotography and digital techniques.

The central question is always what is behind the horizon. The viewer can reflect on the comprehensive spaces in front of, above, below and beyond the horizon, thus losing oneself in a larger whole, adding a mystical dimension.

SEALINES are printed on aluminum, acrylic glass or canvas. Different sizes. In limited editions. Signed of course.

SEALINES Expositions

2019: Sealines in Fort 1881 in Hoek van Holland.

2019: Sealines in Kasteel Rhoon Rotterdam.

2018 : Sealines in De Overkant in Ouddorp.

2018: Sealines in Theater 't Kapelletje, Rotterdam

The Book


SEALINES are available at CATAWIKI and ETSY ( search Sijbranda and or Sealines).

: mobiel: 0646863373